Quantum Physics made easy and fun!

ScienceTales: CERN

A serious game by Reddlock Studios about physics, friendship,
and discovering how our universe works

ScienceTales: CERN is an educational mobile game that takes players of all ages on an interactive fantasy journey, exploring physics concepts from classical mechanics to quantum physics. With the goal of making STEM education more affordable, less intimidating, and more inclusive! Made in close collaboration with the famous particle physics research organization CERN, the game is inspired by its four main experiments: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. STATUS: Getting Funded!

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The 8 core pillars behind ScienceTales

Unique Features

At the core of Science Tales: CERN is an effort to rethink what educational gaming can be. Our aim is to cast aside the assumptions of the past, and avoid making one kind of experience for one kind of player. Through our unique collaborations and methodology, we’re continually pushing to make something fresh and new.

We use the methods of serious gaming to improve the learning experience. Through game elements and feedback mechanisms we continually track the player’s progress, tailoring the experience to the individual.

It’s not unusual for people to be intimidated by topics like these, but we strive to lower the barrier of entry to accommodate players as young as 10.

We want players to feel like they’re experiencing a story, not slogging through homework. Our focus on metaphor and storytelling techniques keeps players engaged with the material from beginning to end. And excited to discover what happens next!

We put fun in the foreground, but the foundation of the game remains a thorough, high-quality curriculum. Developed in collaboration with teachers who know what it takes for students to truly master a subject, our priority is to deliver a didactically sound curriculum.

We want to diversify STEM role models in games and education. We want every child to realize they too can become a scientist, regardless of ethnicity & gender, and feel empowered to pursue these roles. For adult players, they can enjoy a wider field of representation of people working in STEM fields.

Our aim is to craft as welcoming an experience as possible. This means designing in a way that includes players with different learning preferences, disabilities or styles. Our final project will be multilingual and accomodating of individuals across the autism and achievement spectrums.

We are working with actual CERN physicists and engineers. That means all our content is thoroughly checked for accuracy. You can be certain that you are learning the proper information.

Unlike a textbook, the information delivered through the game can be updated at will. This allows us to stay on the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs as they unfold.

ScienceTales Heroes

Our Partners

In order to make sure that we can deliver a high-quality product, we collaborate with partners that complement our knowledge and skills. Besides these knowledge-partners, we also work with some great service partners that help us keep the development cost down. It is thanks to these partners that we are able to develop a more affordable, fun, and less intimidating STEM curriculum to prepare us all for a tech-driven future!

We Need your help to succeed!

Join the ScienceTales Mission

Spread the word

We need you to spread the word and help us raise enough money and partners for the first development round! We have made a collection of images and other media that you can use to spread the word, they will be online soon! Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels

Invest / Fund

We need money for our first development round and have recently started with our journey to find investors and funding. We have our business pitch ready, and our business plan is waiting to be executed. All we need now are the necessary funds.

Interested? E-mail: info@sciencetales.io 

Become a Partner

Another way to help us is by offering your services, or platform to our cause. We are still looking for partners in multiple areas to lower our development cost and increase our chance of success. You will be one of the ScienceTales heroes and be a part of this educational movement! 

E-mail: info@sciencetales.io