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How it all started

Our Story

ScienceTales: CERN has come a long way, but it originally started as a side project. Juliette had an off-the-cuff idea for an educational physics game and thought it was an idea worth exploring. At the time, Reddlock was working on paid projects in AR/VR, but the seed had been planted. The hypothetical project grew through brainstorms and meetings. When the possibility of a collaboration with CERN arose, the team agreed it was time to take a leap of faith. The company scaled down to fully concentrate on delivering this concept. This was when Bob joined, bringing an aesthetic and narrative vision to a project that was still in its early stages. Now, after a year of research, partner meetings, and a trip to CERN, they’re pouring everything they’ve learned thus far into making ScienceTales: CERN great!

Juliette Petra Rose van der Laarse

About Juliette

Juliette is a Dutch entrepreneur and student. She started as a freelance developer and project manager, and founded ReddLock Studios in early 2016. She studied Game Technology at Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Currently, she’s studying Korea-Studies, International business law, Urban Studies, and Security Studies at Leiden University, as well as following courses Game Art and Animation at SAE Amsterdam.

Growing up in her families rose nursery, she isn’t afraid of being pricked by a few thorns to help something beautiful grow.

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Bob Schofield

About Bob

Bob is a Pushcart-nominated writer and illustrator from the US, currently living in the Netherlands. His work includes the novella The Burning Person, the graphic poetry collection The Inevitable June, the chapbook Moon Facts, and more. He likes what words and pictures do. At the moment he has a slight headache from too much coffee and daydreaming.

Catch him in his next life, when he comes back as a whale or grove of beautiful trees.

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